Our NEW " D-Track System" is killing the competitors - let me tell you why. Austrac has just improved our machine again with a massive new D-Track system for our Gold Digger MK2. The tracks have been custom designed for our MK2 model by Austrac here in Perth, Western Australia and you won' t see these on other min loader this size. Huge rubber pads and pads closer together on track (less gaps between pads) make for a smoother ride which is what you need traveling over concrete and other hard surfaces. Our new D-Track system will give you almost the same ground clearance as our massive 20 inch rolling diameter mud or turf tyres (one of the highest clearances in its class) and unlike with some of our competitors track option' s which drop their machines down considerable and over uneven ground this will cause the mini loader to bottom out causing it to get stuck. Tracks over tyres - for anyone who has used these they can be a headache especially when they start slipping due to mud, water, clay, sand, dirt etc. anything really that gets between the outside of the tyre and the inside of the track causing it to lose its grip and spin or slip. Metal plates over tyre, tracks - what were they thinking as well as the problems mentioned above this style of tracks will rip a driveway to bits. Just think about it, almost a ton of machine on tyres with spinning metal plates attached by track over those tyres, basically metal plates spinning around on your new driveway or worse a customers, what a mess! When considering a new machine look at the options for future tracks as our new D-Track system can be fitted to any of our MK2 models at any stage in the future. Our D-Track System comes in a kit form for $2000. inc GST and can be fitted by us (Austrac) anywhere in Australia for a small fee or you can fit yourself, easy! This Austrac Gold Digger MK2 here is a standard model with tracks fitted by us in Perth and then shipped out to you. This Gold Digger MK2 comes with all the features you will find on our machines as standard. - Briggs & Stratton engine (built in Japan an covered by B&S Australia wide for 3 years, parts & labour and can be serviced by B&S Australia wide. -Austrac' s legendary warranty - you don' t need to drag your machine to the other side of the state to your service agent. We use Australian network of repairs Australia wide offering you fast and local service with one call, if needed. - Italian " Casappa" tripple pump - backed Australia wide -100% Money Back Guarantee - We believe our machines have the best warranty and pricing in Australia also you have a full 7 days once you receive your new machine to make sure you' re 100% satisfied or we will refund the price of the machine, we are that sure you will love it. NO OTHER NEW MINI DIGGER SELLER IN AUSTRALIA DOES THIS! We stand behind our machine why don' t they? -GP bucket included Finance available Australia wide Please call to discuss anything here further Mike ******** 408    click to reveal

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AUSTRAC New Tracked Mini Digger / Mini Loader &#034 Gold Digger Mk2&#034

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