To earn some free eagles you will need Bonus Free Eagles Code for Warthunder app Bonus Code 6d9sy -Android device, to run the app, -Internet connection, -Your e-mail address that your war thunder account is registered on, so app can send your earned eagles to the right account, The free eagles app link bellow https // -Invitation code, so you can enter this group Bonus Free Eagles Code for Warthunder app Bonus Code 6d9sy How To effectively earn eagles How To effectively earn free golden eagles the trick is to use it when you have a spare idle 1-2 mins such as -Waiting for a war thunder mission to load, -In air combat flying away to gain height and reload weapons -Or waiting for the bus or train in real life.The best tasks to focus upon Quick installs These are your bread and butter quick earners of 3 - 50 GE each.They mostly work straight away,so download and install a whole load of them and launch,play a few seconds then delete.That s enough to get the reward and cash out your 38 min GE pay out. Like shooting AAA,they all add up. Sign up to Site Tasks 30-50 eagles If you only need to register for the site , these can be good Tasks which require email, make sure to use a secondary email that can get spam Game Apps Installed level and core task Games Big fat pay outs compared to all the others of between 20 and 300 GE depending on the game involved. probably the most time spent massive earners. Singles - Watch videos mute and do something else ) for 1-2 GE a pop.Usefull to get you over the 38GE line and a payout if you are in quick need of crew skill. Like shooting at a destroyed enemy plane for a few hit points before it crashes into the ground Daily treasure chest DON T PAY TO OPEN For both apps usually not worth it. The chances of getting even 1 single eagle is too low. Better off watching a video or install a app Stay away from the surveys and pay funds to gamble tasks not worth the riskIf you new to war thunder you can sign up here to receive a bonus free 50 golden eagles and 1 free premium tank or plane http //

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Get Free Golden Eagles Effectively using apps for warthunder

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