Sony Playstation 2 Console Original PHAT SCPH-30002R Not reading Discs CONDITION/ USAGE Turns on and accepts input from controls but won' t read discs. ACCESSORIES Power Cable/ Sony IR Reciever SPECIFICATIONS if any there are any extras that are not in the photos or the description, they will not be included ps2-header In the early 90s, a partnership with Sony and Nintendo to produce a CD-based system went sour, and Sony went on by itself to produce the PlayStation, released in 1994. Sony rose from nowhere to market leader, knocking Nintendo off it s perch and pushing Sega further out of the market. With the PlayStation, Sony made gaming cool, taking it out of the hands of kids and geeks and made it something your respectable city worker wanted. The success of the PlayStation meant a sequel had to be good, and in 2000, the PlayStation 2 was released. Specs The PlayStation/ PS1 had a 33 MHz processor, 2 MB RAM, 1MB video RAM, and a CD-ROM drive. In comparison, the PlayStation 2/ PS2 had a 294 MHz processor (which increased to 299 MHz on later models), 32 MB RAM, a GPU clocked at 147 MHz, 4MB video RAM, and a DVD-ROM drive. SONY DSC This shows how much of an improvement the PlayStation 2 was over its predecessor, the increase in graphics was amazing, and the move from CD to DVD gave the storage media 6x the amount over the PlayStation. also, its ability to play DVDs out of the box was a genius decision by Sony, giving it a unique selling point. Home DVD players were still expensive at that time, having only been out for a few years, so combining a gaming machine and a DVD player made it more than just a toy for gamers it could fit in as an all-round entertainment device, given that it could also play audio CDs and all for around the same price as a standard DVD player. No other console at the time could play DVDs. When Microsoft released the XBox in 2001 nearly 18 months after the PlayStation 2, it required a hardware add-on to enable DVD playback (without modding it). Sega released the Dreamcast a few months before the Playstation 2, but it lacked DVD playback, only able to play games and audio CDs due to it proprietary GD-ROM system, and the Nintendo GameCubeused a disc similar to mini DVD but couldn t play films or even audio CDs. Backwards Compatibility One more genius idea up the sleeves of Sony was to make it backward compatible with PlayStation 1 games meaning you could take advantage of the thousands of games already on the market and still play the ones you owned. Backwards compatibility was a trick from the 16-bit age, with the likes of the Sega MegaDrive/ Genesis being able to play Master System games with the use of the Power Base Converter and the Super Nintendo/ Super Famicon being able to play GameBoy games via the Super GameBoy although strangely not Nintendo Entertainment System/ Famicon games. The use of an optical drive meant you could simply pop your PlayStation 1 game in along with a PlayStation 1 memory card and all your old games could be played straight out of the box without the need for an adapter. On a side note, early PlayStation 3 consoles were backward compatible with PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 1 games. The Slim revision took away the PlayStation 2 compatibility but retained PlayStation 1. As far as I am aware, all PlayStation 3 consoles can play Playstation 1 games. Success While it was one of the lowest powered sixth generation consoles, the PlayStation 2 at 294 MHz vs the Dreamcast at 200 MHz, GameCube at 486 MHz, and XBox at 733 MHz P3 it proved to be the most successful. In fact, it is the most successful console of all time, selling over 150 million units and having over 3,800 games developed for it. It became a phenomenal success, and the first I remember to have games released for both the PlayStation 2 and 3 simultaneously (something Sony also do with the PlayStation 3 and 4). The PlayStation 2 was finally discontinued in 2013, giving it an amazing 13 years o.

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