Take charge of your aching body and soothe away muscle pain and joint creaking in this luxurious home sauna! You' ll get the results of an intense workout without the work, as much as if you went on a nine-kilometre run in just 20 rejuvenating dry sauna minutes. These rewards, and more, await you Detox with the body' s own miraculous cleansing system, perspiration, triggered by our state-of-the-art Far Infrared carbon fibre heaters. This sauna can free your body of deeply seated toxins, from nicotine to alcohol to sodium. Loosen up and relax! Infrared saunas send out heat from 30 to 60 C, to surround you with insistent heat therapy that refuses to take No for an answer. Your tight muscles, stubborn joints, and stressed-out psyche will all happily surrender. Lose weight through the body' s simple, natural physical response to heat perspiration. And it' s not just bloating and water weight, either. Body fat becomes water-soluble at 42 C, and leaves your body, along with the toxins. Reduce or completely relieve long standing pain! Infrared heat is proven to expand blood vessels thus improves your blood circulation, which works to strengthen the body' s immune system and we all know how important that can be. Healing Heat in Your Home Imagine how great it would to have one of these elegant-looking personal saunas right in your home. Big enough for three, or for you to lie down and completely relax, it boasts an exquisite design, an oxygen ionizer, and the latest in FAR Infrared sauna science to power it. So grab that decorative stainless steel handle and prepare for new dimensions of relaxation. Pop a CD in the built-in player and lose yourself in your favourite music surrounding you from the internal speakers, while the heat soaks into every cell and does the rest-effortlessly. Other benefits from spending time relaxing in this gorgeous Far Infrared Sauna Cabin for two include vast improvement to your immune system over time, due to the detoxifying effect of profound heat, and the increase in circulation it provides. Your skin will glow on the outside and you will glow from the inside! Canadian Hemlock Wood Canadian Hemlock wood is the perfect choice for interior structural and finishing work. It is a beautiful, versatile and affordable timber making it the material of choice for ' Valo' 2 person sauna cabins. Canadian Hemlock boasts an attractive natural colour providing a neutral coloured finish, the all purpose wood has a unique ability to solve construction and carpentry challenges. Canadian Hemlock is harvested from the sustainable forests of western North America and has become the most practical and popular choices of timber in modern day sauna cabin construction. This strong non-allergenic, non-toxic wood is usually supplied as standard in high end sauna cabin lines due to its longevity and resistance to warping and cracking. Features non-toxic Non-Toxic and Hypoallergenic Natural Canadian Hemlock construction which is non-allergic and non-toxic. All Luxo Saunas are RoHS certified for your health and safety - certifying that our saunas are free from hazardous substances. Far Infrared Heating Far Infrared Heating Far infrared heating which allows heat penetrate your skin more thoroughly and efficiently. The Newest Sauna Heating Technology Constructed with 8 Carbon Fibre heating panels which is the latest far infrared sauna heating technology. Carbon fibre heating is much more efficient than ceramic heating. Heat emission is much more extensive throughout the cabin and it is energy efficient. Energy Efficient Energy Efficient - Low Running Cost High efficiency low EMF carbon fibre heaters allowing heat to be dispersed evenly thorough the cabin and penetrating your skin deeper and faster. Cost only as low as $0.25.135 per day* to run. Multiple Quality and Safety Certifications Multiple Quality and Safety Certifications CE/ C-Tick/ RoHS/ ETL Certified for your peace of mind. Don' t settle with an ordinary sauna which has got its minimum required standard in Australia. This sauna is certified internationally. This shows that the sauna is considered to be of excellent quality and safe! Quality Guarantee Quality Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We are so confident with our products that we offer you a 30-Day ' No Questions Asked' Money Back Guarantee. Obligation Free Preview at our Showroom See it Yourself at our Showroom and don' t listen to others! Inclusions * 8 Carbon Fibre Heating Panels - Back x 3, Side x 2, Behind Calves x 1 and Front x 2 * LED Chromotherapy (or Colour Therapy) Light - Red, Yellow, Green and Blue * Stereo Player - FM Stereo, Bluetooth MP3 Player * Internal Speakers x 2 * Oxygen Ioniser - to purify the air and kill odour causing bacteria * Internal Reading Light * Adjustable Ventilation Opening * Heat Resistant Tempered Glass Door with luxury Stainless Steel Handle and Magnetic Door Catch * Internal Control Panels - for temperature and timer settings, and chromotherapy light Your life is too precious to spend it in pain or stress! Try this fantastic heat therapy system and move past all that into the warm light of a new, relaxed lifestyle! Easy Installation This sauna is designed for easy self-assembly with the use of copper buckle system, and no electrician is required to do special wiring. Simply plug the sauna into any standard 10amp wall power supply and you are ready to go! Price is NOT a Reflection of Quality Why pay someone else more for a sauna when you can get a quality sauna from Deluxe Products at a fraction of the cost? Cut out the middleman cost, advertising cost, retail shop cost etc.... Outstanding Customer Service This sauna can prove to be the cost effective solution for your well being- with all these added features, 2 years warranty, no questions asked money back guarantee, our full email and telephone support it' s easy to see why this unit is one of our best sellers! *Prices are subject to change without notice. Check the website or call for current price. Purchase online via or Visit our Sydney showroom LuxoLiving 160 Newton Road Wetherill Park NSW 2164 Mon - Fri 9 30am to 4 30pm Saturday 10 00am to 4 00pm Phone ********1114.

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Valo 3 Person Infrared Home Sauna (3S)

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