Description We love our pets. They are part of our family. But sometimes, when you come home to another chewed shoe, neighbour complaint about barking, or pee on the curtains AGAIN, it can be stressful, frustrating and difficult to live with. Worse still if your loved one starts to become aggressive towards you or other animals! Does you dog seem untrainable ? Have you tried BAH, check chains, citronella collars and nothing works? The Vet Behaviour Team can help. Your dog or cat is trying to tell you something. We are here to translate by filling in the blanks of why your pet is behaving the way they are. Our passion is to use current scientific understanding and kindness to help you and your pet live happy, harmonious lives. We can help with - Excessive barking or meowing - Aggression towards humans or other animals - Urinating or defecating outside normal areas (i.e. outside the litter tray or inside the home) - Destructiveness - Escape artists - Separation anxiety - Hyperactivity or depression - Night time vocalisation, pacing, restlessness - Shyness, timidity and lack of confidence - Distress during storms and fireworks - Rescue dogs not settling into their new homes - Tail chasing, spinning, light chasing, or fly chasing - Overgrooming Website http //

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Vet Behaviour Team. Kindness + Science. The Best of Both Worlds.

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